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How To Tell Someone Has Arrived From A Parallel Universe And Doesn’t Yet Realize It

How To Tell Someone Has Arrived From A Parallel Universe And Doesn’t Yet Realize It

If Hindus are right about cows being a sacred symbol of life that should be protected and revered, imagine the level of hell us hamburger eaters are going to experience. I can see the particularly offended ones making us graze in fields as one of them named Marie says “Let THEM eat grass. ” Or perhaps they all pile into a VW bus and drive out to the pasture, sneak up on us and try to tip us over. Heck, we might even be hung up on meat racks as cow guards force feed us “mor chikn”.===

sslvrbulllit One of the greatest things about being a guy is not having to find good hiding places for rubber dildos

Paul013 There have been 5 us presidents that DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE . Trump – George w in 2000 . Andrew Jackson in 1824 . . . . Grover Cleveland. In 1888

Someone do Paul a favor and let him know Sammy didn’t quite make the presidential victory cut, although he possibly got screwed over and he did win the popular vote as per wiki.===

Harryinkpot Just joined social media not clue what all about so hello. knees got have new knee caps. ok cars only one for me Aston Martin the bond car.oh dear far to fast for me

I think he is vying to be Tesla’s fill in or replacement (the one on wire, not the genius. well the one on wire may be a genius but until the typos slow down, who the fuck would know).?

If This Place Really Pisses You Off As Much As It Seems To, Maybe You Should Take The No Blog Challenge

Hello Pier Nation, many of you have heard about things like the Tide Pod challenge, the Ice Bucket challenge (yeah i’m going a few years back in time there), the moronic Duct Tape challenge or even the creepy Momo challenge. (more…)


How exactly to send fake nudes into snapchat

How exactly to send fake nudes into snapchat

Pop star Billie Eilish sells the lady bulbous boobs out in an effective corset for the Found Gala red-carpet regarding the pictures less than. No doubt Billie requires all of the support she can get to possess those people astounding udders off hers… Definitely if Billie create just get their huge mammeries properly milked because of the united states powerful Muslim ..

Billie Eilish Naked Backstage Pics

Pop star Billie Eilish appears to present the lady totally nude human anatomy backstage after a program on the scandalous photographs over. Of course it certainly happens since the no wonder in order to united states pious Muslims one to Billie perform so brazenly bare their blasphemous body backstage along these lines, having she does not act better onstage while the she will get toward ..

Billie Eilish Topless Breast Flirting

Pop superstar Billie Eilish seems to tease showing off this lady tremendous tits when you’re installing unclothed in the pictures significantly more than. Of course last year watched Billie Eilish breaking aside her bulbous boob bags at each and every chance, having she fundamentally mature adequate to know that their big mammaries all are one to she’s choosing their. (more…)